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DBSI Collaboratory Branch Transformation


Bring Your Branch Transformation Ideas to Life

What do you get when you combine a retail banking workshop and your own private branch showcase and have it managed by the retail banking mad scientists at DBSI?

Welcome to the Collaboratory

To one degree, our Collaboratory is a place where our designers take their concepts and carefully build them into reality. Many of our latest and greatest retail banking elements found in our Ideation Center were developed and assembled in our Collaboratory.

Test and Refine Your Strategy Before Going to Market

Additionally, DBSI’s Collaboratory is your private testing lab where you can experiment with new ideas and business solutions before you make a bigger investment. This ensures these new ideas will fit your market and brand before they are ever implemented throughout your branch network.

This can be done at the individual level such as a teller tower or even at the entire branch level.  Our Collaboratory is big enough to build out an entirely functioning branch for you and your team to walk through, touch and interact with before the first nail is ever hammered in the field.

Schedule Your Visit Today

Many of our clients have taken full advantage of our Collaboratory and found it an invaluable part of their Branch Transformation efforts. Contact us to learn more about our Collaboratory as part of your Ideation Center visit.

“You get one good chance to make a connecting impression. Our behind-the-scenes approach to learning early, quickly and cheaply allows our clients to refine concepts in the Collaboratory first, ensuring they get it right the first time for their own clients.”

- Jim Ransco, Principal at DBSI

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