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Branch Transformation

Branch Transformation

Client: Arizona Federal Credit Union

Which Came First, The Apple Or The Branch?

If you picked the branch, you got it right.  The complete transformation of this branch grew from the desire to empower the member with the latest technologies to make banking transactions easier, less time consuming, safer, and more convenient.

The branch transformed from a traditional design to one much like that well-known retail store, equipped with iPads (tablets) to complete banking transactions electronically.  For members who may need additional help, 3 to 4 staff members are on hand to help with any tablet or banking transaction.

Success stories abound, such as the 70 year old business owners who prior to the renovation made multiple 30 minute trips to their branch every week. With some basic instruction from credit union staff, they learned how to use tablets for online deposits, saving them time and money.

From the ground up, the branch transformation aligned to the new banking strategies, met their members’ needs, and created their Branch of the Future.  DBSI specializes in creating the right design to fit your market segment.

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