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Branch Transformation True Story: Pima Federal Credit Union

A Next Generation Transformation That Stuns With Personal WOW Service

The Challenges

Finding the Right Partner

After wasting 6 months and firing a local architect, Pima realized only an expert who truly understood the financial industry could deliver what they wanted to achieve.

Defining Transformation, Pima Style

Traveling the country and not finding an experience to emulate, Pima needed help creating entirely original and unique.

Create a One-Touch Branch Experience

Pima wanted to cater to member needs with a new “one-touch” Universal Associate model.

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The process

Pima FCU Oro Valley ExteriorAs Pima Federal Credit Union, based in Tucson, Ariz., prepared to expand into the nearby town of Oro Valley, they traveled to branches around the country for inspiration, but mostly found outdated designs.

The team at Pima FCU knew they’d have to transform their newest branch to cater to consumers today and into the future.

“We wanted to deliver something that was relevant, that was new, and delivered what we call at Pima Federal Credit Union, personal wow service,” said Bruce Baca, Chief Retail Officer for Pima FCU.

They started working with an architect but after months without the results they wanted, they changed course and reached out to DBSI.

DBSI truly listened to Pima’s intent: not just for a new branch, but one that embodied personal wow service—it’s why DBSI was chosen to design and build the financial center.

“They really understood that we were looking for a complete member journey to improve the financial situation of each of our members.”

Bringing The Vision to Life

To deliver Pima’s request, DBSI created a branch design for a universal-associate model of service that was also open and comfortable enough that members “put down their shield.”

“It’s very inviting and they tend to open up to a sales conversation about their financial needs,” said Baca.

Pima FCU Interactive Digital Signage PhotoA few elements were key to bringing their vision to life and allow members to control their own experience.

First, members have the choice to self-serve at the Interactive Digital Experience with a large touch-screen kiosk that offers fun and informational content to explore. A team directory, prize wheel, car quiz, and other content created by the Digital Signage Agency allows them discover how Pima can help them in their financial journey.

Second, DBSI’s patented Service Spot stations create a new way for associates and members to interact, replacing stuffy offices and tiresome teller lines. Members can stand for a quick transaction or sit as they delve into a longer conversation about

“It allows them to have some privacy, but at the same time take advantage of the openness of our branch,” Baca said.

Pima FCU Teller Tower PhotoThird, Pima implemented the full CFM cash integration suite, so they can take full advantage of the cash recyclers at the new location. Associates can help members deposit or withdraw transactions remotely from Service Spot to a cash recycler with speed and ease.

Now members only have to talk to one individual inside the branch, versus two or three, making them a lot more comfortable with speaking freely about their financial needs.

The result

Pima FCU OroValley Lobby PhotoPima has averaged about 60 new accounts per month in the first 10 months since opening.

“We feel like it’s a competitive advantage that we went with this universal design,” Baca said.

Considering their prior experience, Pima knew that almost anything could go wrong, but were happily surprised with DBSI’s process.

“We came in under budget and we finished the project on time, as scheduled.” Baca said. “DBSI delivered, that’s why this project went so smooth.”

Branch Transformation can be an intimidating but with DBSI, Pima found the path through the complexity to create a truly next generation transformation.


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Client Quote

“One of the important elements for ultimately selecting DBSI to design and then to build this financial center was that they really understood that we were looking for a complete member journey to improve the financial situation of each of our members.”
- Bruce Baca, Chief Retail Officer for Pima Federal Credit Union

The DBSI X-Factor

  • DBSI truly listened to what Pima wanted to achieve and designed a branch to match.
  • DBSI introduced the type of cutting-edge technology and branch elements that could deliver “personal wow service” and a universal associate model.
  • DBSI delivered, under budget and on time.

Our Responsibilities

  • Branch Design
  • Construction
  • Technology
  • Strategy
  • Equipment
  • Digital Signage
  • Teller Cash Recycler Integration
  • Project Management