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Branch Transformation True Story: Truwest Credit Union

Branch Transformation Drives 650% Increase in New Business Accounts

The Challenges

Introduce Technology Members Would Use and Engage With

TruWest wanted to find a perfect blend of technology and service, all delivered in a way members would embrace.

Build A Modern Branch From the Ground-Up

Literally starting at dirt level, TruWest needed an involved partner that could provide a lot of hand holding along the way to make managing such a large project easier.

Create a Future Flex Design 

TruWest wanted their investment to go further and needed a design that could easily adapt to future needs, technology and trends down the road.


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The process

Dirt LandA Branch Transformation that skyrockets business account opening per month by 650%?  Increases the amount of new checking accounts opened per month by 50%? Has giddy members lingering in the Branch?

When TruWest Credit Union had the opportunity to buy the land across the street of their busiest, but out-of-date branch location, they weren’t sure what to expect.

Wayfinding the Branch of the Future

Building their first branch from the ground up was unfamiliar territory.  Add that they wanted to design the branch in a completely different way then previous locations with a blend of technology and service meant even more uncertainty.  How would they find their way and the right strategy to achieve it?

TruWest Exterior BuildRight from the get-go DBSI took the weight off of TruWest Credit Union’s shoulders by managing and guiding every step of the way.

In the beginning, that meant assisting with the city to get the permits approved for land development.

Then, it meant working with each individual department within TruWest to understand the strategic direction and build into a solid branch strategy.

Once designs and strategy were in place, DBSI took over the construction part of the project and managed it from day one to keep on track.

TruWest InteriorOn the inside of the branch, DBSI was busy at work too.  Digital signage, equipment installation, teller cash automation integration – every single piece working like clockwork together to get to the finish line with ease.

The result

TruWest InteriorThe new branch has only been opened a short time, but the momentum is already astounding. There has been a influx of community attention right out of the gate. There is a sense of pride among members, people crowding around the community wall, members staying to hang out in in the branch…plus, the ROI has been incredible. New account openings have doubled and new business accounts have jumped 650%!

With such huge success, TruWest is already in the process of rolling out the same technology to all other existing branch locations.


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Client Quote

“DBSI isn’t just building us a building, they’re helping us achieve a strategy of technology and service for our members. The true definition of a partner.”
- Gary Bernard, COO

The DBSI X-Factor

  • Armed with industry know-how and a passion for understanding clients goals, DBSI knew exactly what technology and design would be a perfect fit for TruWest – no guesses or just a recommendation of whatever was the latest and greatest.
  • TruWest was struggling to get city permits for land development, until DBSI took over the entire process – resolving all city issues and pushing the approval forward.
  • TruWest wanted a partner that could articulate a strategy that solved their unique challenges. DBSI’s approach of working with various departments to understand their strategic direction proved invaluable to the ROI of the project.

Our Responsibilities

  • Branch Design
  • Construction
  • Technology Strategy
  • Equipment 
  • Digital Signage
  • Teller Cash Recycler Integration
  • Project Management