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CFM Software

CFM Software

Client: Pima Federal Credit Union

PIMA FCU Racks Up $160,000 in Savings!

Pima Federal Credit Union thought they needed to replace four teller cash dispensers and add another two in other branches. But thanks to iQ, an analytical tool part of the CFM software package, DBSI and Pima executives were able to see that only two new recyclers were needed – not the six as originally thought - saving them $160,000!  Turns out that the four machines scheduled for replacement were working just fine. Amazing what a little intel can do.

CFM, an enterprise-based cash automation software program, provides oversight on all teller cash equipment in the branch network – regardless of make or model. Additionally, iQ can report on the following data elements:

  • Is the equipment being used properly?
  • Does the equipment need maintenance and how frequently?
  • Is a replacement or part repair in order?
  • Cash flow analysis to know how much currency is recycling

Saves time and money, provides detailed accurate reporting at the enterprise level, compatible with all brands of equipment…now that’s true innovation!

And Yes, There’s More!

iQ will not only let you understand if your TCRs/TCDs are being used optimally, but can also dramatically lower your service costs.

Please inquire how and we will “show you the money”

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