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Client: Seacoast Bank – Accelerate

Make It Appealing – Make It Work For Your Market 

Banks, no matter what their size, continually fight for market share, looking for innovating products and services to attract new customers to their branches.  As a result, branch design is a hot topic these days in the wake of gradual customer migration to electronic channels, and plays a large role in making the customer experience more positive.

DBSI’s innovative design for Seacoast Bank’s “Accelerate” concept in Florida enables small business customers to use the branch as an extension of their business. As a stand-alone advisory center, businesses can get personalized attention on how to make transactions easier and more customer-friendly using the expert knowledge from on-site bankers.  With work stations on wheels and private consultation areas, the design and atmosphere of the branch is contemporary, yet relaxed–a cross between an Apple Store and Starbucks.

Many financial institutions are looking to implement the latest designs and technologies that will attract more clients and simplify their lives.

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