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Profinium - Branch Transformation by DBSI, Inc.

BRANCH DESIGN True Story: Profinium

Amazing is Possible: A Legendary Branch Experience To Capture a New Market

The challenges

Outshine Competition In A New Market

Profinium made a bold decision to move its regional corporate headquarters and flagship branch to a new market, where they were yet unknown. Saying the branch experience needed to tell the Profinium Story and make a statement would be…an understatement.

Infuse the Lifecycle of Financial Services Into a Branch Flow

In order to live their motto, “Bring Amazing to Life” and show clients how they can help with all of life’s journeys,  Profinium needed a branch experience unlike any other.

Develop a Kit of Parts for the Entire Branch Network

Create a scalable package of key elements and signature items unique to the Profinium brand that can be used across the branch network.

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The story

Profinium is not your typical bank. With a rich 140-year history of helping clients and the community reach their dreams, along with a motto of “Amazing is Possible”, they had a lot to live up to when they decided to build a regional headquarters and flagship branch in a new big city market.

Profinium’s reputation was stellar for community involvement and friendly service across several small towns in Minnesota, but how could they bring that with when moving into an urban city? Realizing they needed to make a splash with a branch that wowed the market and conveyed their core values, Profinium turned to a company that had a reputation for redefining banking–DBSI.

A Collaborative Approach

Profinium Bank - Branch Transformation -  Conference Room

Working closely together, DBSI and Profinium both understood that having clear objectives and focus were critical to winning a new market. Through DBSI’s Discovery Process, the key elements for success and differentiation were identified:

  1. The branch must “Bring Amazing to Life” through an inspirational design
  2. It must show customers how Profinium is there for all of life’s journeys with financial products
  3. It must tie into the local Mankato community

Nailing the Strategic Intent With a Kit of Parts

With an intentional plan in place, DBSI and Profinium moved into the Define stage of DBSI’s 6d process.  Here is where the key elements that would help Profinium achieve their objectives and differentiate the space were developed.


Barn Wood That Ties Into Tradition

To honor Profinium’s 140 year history and roots, wood from the original bank owners’ century-old barn was placed throughout the branch. Touted as a way to honor the past as Profiinium looks towards the future, the story of the wood is enthusiastically told among employees and customers.

Kasota Stone To Celebrate the Local Community


What better way to give a nod to the local community than use a type of rock found only in Southern Minnesota? Using Kasota Stone throughout the space, Profinium was able to create a sense of pride for both staff members and customers.

Red Clarus Glass to Inspire

To create an energizing, inspiring space with Profinium’s red brand colors, Clarus Glass can be found in employee spaces and the flagship branch. Not only is it a dynamic element, but employees and customers can write their dreams, share ideas, and create a sense of connectedness.


Collaboration Centers

Creating spaces where employees can gather, get inspired, learn, collaborate, and recharge was important to “Bringing Amazing to Life.” Called Collaboration Centers, Profinium created several spaces where staff and even clients can use the space to share ideas and spend time together.

Profinium-Meeting-Room-586713-edited  Profinium-interior03-648246-edited

The result

So far there has only been a WOW response from the community.  The building stands magnificently on the street corner and the inside only inspire even more. People come in expecting a boring banking environment, and get so excited to see it’s the exact opposite.

“Go to any store or restaurant in this city and say you’re from Profinium, and the reaction is always the same.  Wow, you’re from that amazing new building,” explained Profinium CEO, Marques Doppler. “We’ve gotten a tremendous amount of media attention and press.”

In fact, it’s this presence that has led to a flood of new customers for Profinium.  People see the building, go to the website, and come into the branch to sign-up for a new account. Now that’s curb appeal at it’s finest!

This branch truly brings Amazing to Life for Profinium and their clients.


Profinium Logo

Client Quote

“We did our homework and researched several options before choosing DBSI as our collaborative partner. We made the right decision and are excited about how our flagship branch sets us apart from our competition.”
—Marques Doppler, CEO

The DBSI X-Factor

  • Understanding and defining key elements, strategies and goals were critical to the success of taking over an urban city market. The collaborative approach of DBSI’s 6d process made it simple to create a purposeful branch design that WOWs.

Our Responsibilities

  • Consulting
  • Branch Design
  • Interior Design
  • Construction
  • Branch Network  Kit of Parts
  • Project Management