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California Coast Credit Union - Digital Signage

Digital Signage Agency…True Story: California Coast Credit Union

Making Big Waves With Digital Signage

The challenges

Create a next generation branch experience for college students

With 30,000 students at SDSU, it was important to create an experience that resonates and appeals to a digital savvy student market.

Bring California Coast CU’s brand to life on the big screen

California Coast Credit Union wanted to take their brand in a new direction – and needed an agency that could create, build, and deliver in digital signage format.

Turn passive foot traffic into engaged prospects

Located in a building that’s the hub of student life at SDSU, California Coast CU needed their on-campus branch to be eye-catching and encourage foot traffic to stop and engage with branch staff.

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The process

Creating an engaging experience for clients is at the top of every financial institution’s list. When your clientele is University students who walk by your branch daily– the need for eye catching appeal is even greater….In other words, handwritten rates on a whiteboard isn’t going to cut it.

What’s a financial institution to do to turn passive student foot traffic into engaged prospects?

Serving Up Killer Digital Signage

Home-Screen (2)

California Coast Credit Union wanted their newest branch to make big waves in the San Diego State University (SDSU) community.  Located on campus of SDSU in a building that’s the hub of student life, they had a micro-branch-sized space that needed to fill big shoes.

Making a connection with DBSI at an industry conference, Cal Coast Credit Union enlisted our help.

After visiting the Ideation Center, Cal Coast CU knew exactly what their new branch needed – an open air design that invited people in, the perfect mix of equipment and technology, and most importantly, entertaining and relevant content delivered on a medium that would get digital savvy student’s attention.

All Signs Point to Digital

To make sure the branch delivered an interactive, digital experience, the DBSI Design and Agency teams worked closely together to develop an inviting floorplan with prominent digital placement incorporated into the design.

Once finalized, DBSI’s agency group starting crafting how to bring California Coast Credit Union’s brand and products to life on the big screen.

Scoop (3)

First, with brand guidelines in hand, DBSI developed a strategy, voice, and look to appeal to college students and align with California Coast’s image.

Once the foundation was set, DBSI went to work creating the digital assets. Designing, writing, and building all digital brochures, videos and interactive tutorials to be splashed across the branch on a video wall, tablets, and interactive kiosk.

Rounding it out?  Installing all of the content and interactive apps into the digital signage screens and kiosks across the branch.

The result

Facing a challenge of creating a new branch experience that engages the modern student population, California Coast CU needed highly interactive and entertaining ways to display their services and products.

Achieving this vision required a company that could design a floorplan with technology in mind, and an agency that could deliver and build content for a medium that’s unlike any other type of media.

With the soft branch opening held March 5th, California Coast Credit Union is riding the wave of digital signage success.



The DBSI X-Factor

  • In order to be effective, digital signage needs to be approached differently from other types of media. Only an agency with the right expertise could deliver functional, yet impactful digital signage campaigns.
  • California Coast CU needed content and video to bring their brand to life – digitally. DBSI was able to turn printed materials and brand guidelines into a captivating digital brand.
  • Under a tight deadline of two months, only DBSI’s comprehensive services could deliver an entire branch in the timeframe – from design, to construction, equipment and technology, all the way up to branding and marketing.

Our Responsibilities

  • Branch Design
  • Construction
  • Digital Technology Strategy
  • Equipment 
  • Content Strategy
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design
  • Interactive Custom App Development
  • Video Creation
  • Project Management

Client Quote

“So awesome! Our stuff looks and reads so wonderfully! When we saw the final project we were all giving each other high fives! ”
- Jennifer Elleson, Marketing & Brand Manager