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Make Your Branch Experience Unforgettable

You could go to the architect down the street to design a new branch, but would they be familiar with new technologies in the banking industry, ways to best integrate banking equipment into design, or strategies to improve your client experience in the branch?

The reality is…without living and breathing the financial institution market everyday, it’s hard for the architect-next-door to truly understand and address the design roadblocks branches face today.

Designed with the Client Experience in Mind

DBSI specializes in the financial industry, and stays on top of the latest technologies, banking equipment, security devices, and retail banking trends including architectural and interior design elements to create the optimal branch of the future that perfectly fits your unique financial institution needs.

See It Before You Build It

To help you get the bigger picture, we go above and beyond the typical architectural drawings. Our state-of-the-art computer animated drawing software enables you to view our designs in both a 2D and 3D environment, and you can even “fly through” the drawings for a real virtual experience.

You’ll Walk Away from Our Design Services with:

  • Photo realistic renderings of your design to show you how it all works together before it’s built
  • An understanding of the client experience and journey through the branch
  • Interior design to include all leading edge technologies available
    • Digital signage and graphics
    • Banking technology and equipment
    • Security devices
    • Vaults, safe deposit boxes
    • Drive ups
    • Retail trends
    • Architectural products and finishes
    • Cash recycling & dispensing automation
    • Envelope free ATMs
    • Collaborative work environments

See what your branch of the future will look like by scheduling a Jump Start Session with DBSI!