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With CFM (Cash Flow Management), Achieve Total Integration Between Your Core Processing System and Cash Recyclers/Dispensers

Cash dispensers and cash recyclers have empowered the branch experience by removing barriers for exceptional service and dramatically reducing operational costs. As a result, tellers can provide their FULL attention to service, costly and disruptive dual control buys and sells are eliminated, and transactions are more efficient, faster, and with fewer errors. But what about true integration between recycler technology and core processing software?

CFM Let’s You Gain Visibility Into ALL Makes and Models

CFM is integrated at the enterprise level giving you complete oversight between the core processing system and every cash recycler/dispenser within your branch network, saving you time and money. Coupled with iQ, its superior analytics program, CFM offers visibility into everything from transaction speeds to end-of-day balancing enhancements. Best of all, you gain choice in the marketplace because CFM works with ALL makes and models of recyclers and dispensers.

With CFM you’ll get:

  • Total integration to your core processor/teller application
  • Superior analytics with iQ–on operations, usage, maintenance (repair and replacement)
  • Your choice of hardware–CFM is agnostic, integrating with different brands of cash automation equipment
  • Device uptime, availability, usage, inventory, and cash flow
  • Exceptional visibility to what and how these devices are actually being utilized—and whether or not they are even plugged in!

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“We are thrilled to finally have ALL our recyclers and dispensers, from different manufacturers, on one centralized core-integrated solution”

- Lori Gallegos, COO of First Credit Union