We’re Experts in Branch Transformation

Unlike your local architect or construction company that thinly targets several industries, transforming financial institution spaces is our one and only focus. We’ve transformed thousands of banks and credit unions.
Is yours next?

Any State. Any Project. We Do It All.

Over 250 experts on everything transformation

Nearly two decades of experience

Active & completed transformation projects in 50 states

You’re Not a Clown,
So Stop Juggling

Trying to manage and juggle the multiple vendors it takes to transform a branch is exhausting. Transformation Fusion is our proprietary method of fusing your strategic intent with design-build, technology, staff training (and everything in between) to create frictionless branch experiences. We have all experts in-house so you get one team to manage your entire project. Sit back and enjoy our transformation show!


We Connect The Dots For You

If you’re not satisfied, neither are we. That’s why we guarantee all of our projects follow a proven 6d process that has worked for thousands of other branch transformations.







Your Potential Is Unlimited With DBSI

We’ve transformed thousands of branches. Here are a few of our favorites…



A Partner You Can Rely On

Thanks for giving us real direction and answers on our branch transformation project. In the past, other design firms just ask us what we want, but DBSI really knows what they're doing and how to help steer our executive team in the right way.

The Ultimate Experience Unlocked

Our partnership with DBSI allowed us to deliver the right kind of experience that we envisioned, in a way that was cost-effective and in a way that drove convenience, ease of access, and accuracy.

A Successful Project Thanks to DBSI

We did our homework and researched several options before choosing DBSI. We made the right decision and are excited about how our flagship branch sets us apart from the competition.

Fixing the Impossible

I am writing to let you know how impressed I am with DBSI and their staff. They were courteous, professional, and kept me informed throughout the whole process. They seemed extremely knowledgeable and myself, my team and my customers are all thrilled that they were able to do what seemed impossible- fixed what was broken in our branches!

A Highly-Recommended Company

“Each member of their team, from the design group to construction to maintenance, is outstanding. DBSI is the best company I have worked with in my 35 years in the business. I highly recommend DBSI.