Unlike other design-build firms, we are a comprehensive innovation firm with all the products and services needed to transform your business. Think incredible ease and convenience with a partner that connects all the dots for your project to eliminate any finger-pointing. The question isn’t what can DBSI do, but rather “what are you looking to do with DBSI?”


Successfully initiating a branch transformation project is no small task, it takes a good balance of different design-build products and services to get it right. So whether it’s a new build, complete remodel, or just a light update — we’ve got you covered.


DBSI’s in-house Real Estate team is well-equipped with the industry’s top research and mapping tools, as well as market-leading researchers and analysts who understand how each factor impacts your financial institution’s long-term vision and sustainability. The value we bring to the table is unmatched, as we’ll provide you with not only today’s market value in any given geographical area, but also plot future expansion opportunities through reliable predictors. Each projection, whether 1, 5, or 10 years from now, is outlined in a playbook, which will empower your Executive team to clearly and confidently choose the right path.


It takes the right expertise, process, and partnership to deliver the right type of transformation to your branch. But once it’s completed, what happens when you want to scale that success across your entire network? With most design-build firms, you have to start all over again from the beginning. With DBSI it is much more simple. We design a distinct SMARTKit™ of parts by branch segment for easy implementation across your entire network. With all the design elements encompassed in three different levels of finish and cost for flexibility, this approach allows you to drive consistency with the best return on your investment.


Your HQ should broadcast your core beliefs, elevate your brand, attract top talent, and create an ideal environment for productivity and growth…but does it? Traditionally these projects are based on ‘educated guesses’ and ‘estimates.’ We think that’s pretty scary! Projects of this size and importance have no room for uncertainty. FAQTOR7 is DBSI’s proprietary HQ analysis tool that eliminates any guessing on what your HQ strategy should be. Instead, you get data-driven answers to the questions you and the board actually need for building a solid path forward. Why guess when you can know?


Traditional office spaces, cubicles, and desks are confining-for both clients and staff. When staff members are tied to their workstations, it leaves them with little flexibility to engage clients, and leave clients with that uncomfortable “I’m going to be sold to,” feeling. That’s why we built Service Spots. Our patented design has an open concept, combined with comfortable seating and flexible workstation space, which allows your associates to easily move around the branch, engage clients, and begin intimate, advisory conversations instead of cold, over-the-desk transactions.


A retail-friendly twist on the old-school teller line, Teller Towers remove the glass barriers and cold transactions traditionally seen in branches and replaces the line with inviting, tactical towers that can service two clients at a time with complete privacy and convenience. These innovative towers also allow associates to advise clients with a hip-to-hip, personalized experience instead of complete their transaction with little to no valuable interaction across an awkward line with glass barriers.


A newly designed branch concept to be used in an interior space of approximately 160 sqft, JUNXION is a micro branch concept built by DBSI and powered by CFM. Designed to bring life to a small area, these micro branches are built with full-service, self-service, and assisted-service solutions, in a small and modular footprint. Financial institutions are able to get to market quicker, allowing flexibility with staffing & location.



The modern client wants to frequent a modern branch, and today modern means tech-friendly. So whether you’re trying to adopt the Universal Associate Model, install tablet banking, add a self-service solution, automate your cash flow, integrate with your core platform, or just update your old hardware — DBSI+CFM has the product and services to make it happen.


As the costs of branch banking transactions soar, the NEXT evolution in banking allows you to automate transactions and migrate to more efficient channels without sacrificing the personal touch needed to engage clients. Offering self-service, assisted-service, and full-service capabilities in one kiosk, NEXT automates low-value transactions usually delivered by a teller. And to take it a step further, the assisted-service and full-service features put the power of conversation and engagement in your staff’s hands with a savvy tablet interface.


Remote Transaction Assist (RTA) is a game-changing tool driving the future of retail banking. With this patented tool, any transaction becomes a fluid experience. RTA integrates with all of your cash recyclers and dispensers, making them all available to all your tellers and associates…from anywhere in the branch. Now, whether your staff is standing next to a device, working in the lobby, or wandering between Service Spots, clients can now be served by one associate from start to finish. Named the Best Fintech Solution, RTA not only delivers environment flexibility but also boosts efficiency and the overall client experience.


A core-integrated, tablet-based teller application, NOMADIX allows universal associates to break free from the workstation and teller lines to provide clients with a retail-like, advisory experience from anywhere in the branch. Not only does it provide the ultimate flexibility for associates and clients, but it also decreases the branch footprint as staff can now easily choose when and how they engage with transaction-related peripherals, such as scanners, recyclers, and printers, requiring a lot less hardware than in a traditional branch.


A complete enterprise-level ecosystem designed by our sister company, CFM, to deliver comprehensive core integration through teller cash recyclers or dispensers, self-service kiosks, interactive digital kiosks, and analytical tools that drive efficiency and reduce costs. All of which leads to a more productive branch.


A smarter way to manage your cash. While we don’t make our own cash recyclers, we can help you find the option that is right for you. We’re solution-agnostic and take pride in offering the best in banking technology. We scour the market, only recommend what’s tangible, leverage our knowledge and buying power to reduce your costs, and ensure it’s an unbiased recommendation.


A step up from the ATM and most often used in drive-thru settings, these are a great way to offer a more personal experience on a self-service solution. Like with cash recyclers, we have no exclusive agreements with any vendor in the market, giving us the proper position to do what’s right for you when it comes to your investment in an ITM.



Whether you’re trying to increase branch sales, localize messaging, or just provide a more modern in-branch experience, it is time to join the movement and flip the switch with engaging digital signage programs that cut through the clutter, delivered by DBSI’s comprehensive Digital Signage Agency.


Whether it be creating content for your digital signage or creating an entire strategy for your digital marketing, we have a team of creatives (strategists, content writers, graphic designers, animators, developers, and a few ninjas) who also happen to be experts in banking. Dangerous combo, right?


From community boards to interactive displays to wow walls, our Digital Signage Agency can create a custom digital content strategy to help you achieve any of your in-branch client communication goals.


FHC is an online application that helps clients self-assess key financial indicators in just 90 seconds, generating an instant report of how they’re doing financially and where they stand against their peers. With every submission, you’ll learn more about your client’s unique financial needs and everything else you need to help guide relevant advisory conversations.


Engage branch visitors with videos and exciting digital content displayed on these large screens meant to span across a wall in your branch and offer a real ‘wow’ piece to the space. From branding and corporate messaging, to product and service ads, to safety and operations messaging, these screens belong in every branch of the future.


Rather than have experts on staff at every location or necessitate travel from branch to branch, more and more financial institutions are implementing our ‘Expert Nearby’ solution to overcome the barrier of setting an appointment with a two-way video conference solution, giving members immediate access to your experts. Not only will they be able to access experts trained and with the authority to complete their specific needs, they’ll also get the required privacy.


Help bring the tools and training needed to educate and help your clients with DBSI’s Discovery Bar, a new way to display tablets in your branch. And the ability to onboard and teach clients in the branch with tablets is a game-changer. Plus, the sleek layout delivers much more than your average tablet.



A successful transformation takes more than just a new design or updated technology. In order for transformation to be worth the investment, there needs to be a training program to go along with it. With these professional services solutions, your staff will learn how to operate in this new environment.


Delivering an incredible environment specific to your culture and brand promise is a great step — but building a new space and integrating the latest technology alone doesn’t guarantee success. It all comes down to your front line, your people who are tasked with delivering this to your clients.

Our Delivery Defined program provides that final link to lasting Transformation by providing your staff with the tools they need to execute your strategic intent. How we do it: we work diligently with you to frame a program and create tools specific to your financial institution, train your team, and provide ongoing support to ensure your staff gets it now and continues to deliver as expected moving forward.


A bullet-proof plan guaranteed to be approved by your board, we gather a team of experts to help create a strategy around whatever project you have to knock out. And not only will we help build the strategy, but we will help you put together the board pitch — and even come present it for you. Whether it be a branch transformation or a headquarters, we have specialized experts who can lead you toward success.