Healthcare Experiences Redefined

We are a design-build firm on a mission—helping to create healing environments.

Sterile environments don’t have to FEEL sterile

Just because your clinic is sterile doesn’t mean it has to feel that way when a patient walks in. Our in-house team of experts uncovers your unique flow of care, current state, and then your desired outcomes. Our comprehensiveness means ease and convenience for you. Every expert under one roof, working together on your project.

We move faster, more cost-effectively, and we help you deliver a better patient experience than your wildest dreams.

Real Estate

Everything from assessing the area, market potentials, finding your space, due diligence research, strategic consulting, and beyond. The biggest difference with DBSI is that we have all of our experts in house and on your project team from day one.


Our experienced team of designers produce schematic designs, site planning, 3d renderings, and more. Our interior designers become brand experts, incorporating your brand into new spaces (furniture, digital signage, millwork, etc.) And right next to them are the construction coordinators. This kind of coordination between design and build teams makes us faster and more cost-effective. We start each project with the end in mind, meaning your budget, vision, and patient experience are our top priorities.

Digital Signage

Digital signage is the best and fastest way to enhance your brand experience. Communicate effectively to keep your patients engaged and informed. Promote services, increase safety awareness, and improve patient outcomes. Instead of wasting hours and money on printing static, boring signage that will need to be updated more often than you planned—our digital signage agency can recommend the right hardware, software, screen placement, and even create the content for an optimal experience.

Facilities Management

We know how to manage your space, especially if we built it! With us, you will have clear communciation, easy and reliable process, and you can get back to doing what you are good at (taking care of your patients!) sooner. Let us handle the small stuff whiel you handle patient outcomes.

Perfection under budget!

"DBSI delivered everything we expected and more—the attention to small details and interior finishes were incredible. It's those kind of things that really make the space stand out. And, you guys even finished under budget. Phenomenal!"

Transformation for better productivity

"The space is wonderful…I have team members saying they're getting more work done, which is always a bonus! It's great to see the staff come in and love coming to work."

A partnership to drive success

"Our partnership with DBSI allowed us to deliver the right kind of experience that we envisioned, in a way that was cost-effective, drove convenience, ease of access, and accuracy"

A new HQ, full of possibilities

"If you are looking to DBSI for your headquarters project, know that you are in good hands"

Transparency is Our Game

And DBSI is our name… But what really makes us different is the design-build methodology. Other methods of delivery require you to manage multiple vendors and contracts, as if you don’t have patients to worry about! With design-build your project moves faster, you save time and money because we do the work upfront, and more of the risk is on us. You get full transparency to the costs, timeline, and even when/if problems arise. We believe in delivering an exceptional experience to our clients just as much as they want to deliver to theirs.

DBSI is the only firm that has every expert in-house. Meaning, your strategic intent with design-build, technology, staff training (and everything in between) is considered from the beginning all the way to ribbon cutting. It creates a frictionless experience for you and your clients after the project is complete. We have essentially eliminated every common issue other firms face so all you have to do is set expectations, then we exceed them.



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