Together CU

A Corporate Campus Built to Last

The Details

Location: St. Louis, MO
Project Type: Headquarters & Flagship Branch
Timeline: 18 Months
Project Size: 128,000 sqft

The Story

Like many growing credit unions, Together CU was facing the dilemma of a headquarters that was too small, outdated, and not aligned to their brand’s core values. The staff was split between two locations over 15 miles apart and both were bursting at the seams. Departments were spread all over the place, people were working in basements and other non-ideal areas due to overflow, parking was sparse, and the overall environment was simply drab. And if that wasn’t bad enough, having two divided locations rather than one united headquarters was starting to damage their company culture. 

Together CU knew it was time for a change, but with a project this big, they wanted to make sure they were making smart decisions to ensure long-term success. To add even more pressure, they were also interested in building a flagship branch at this campus to test new transformation concepts for their entire branch network. 
Together CU set out to find the perfect partner, and after reviewing several vendors, they selected DBSI + CFM.


Branch Technology
Digital Signage
Project Management

The Results

DBSI wanted to help Together CU make the best decision to ensure cohesion and sustained room for growth, so they conducted an extensive feasibility study that explored several options and budgets, including:

1.   Restack existing HQ, but with limited room for future growth

2.   Move their headquarters into a new but existing building

3.   Build a new facility on a new site 

Together CU decided to purchase and remodel a 128,000 sqft, 4-story building only a half-mile away from their existing campus. This option was cost-effective and could give them all the amenities, department collaboration, productivity, and experience they desired. Through DBSI’s FAQtor7 HQ analysis tool, a future-proof design was developed and executed. No guesses, but rather data-based decisions at every turn. The final modern building included a beautiful view of the St. Louis skyline and many features to enhance the work environment, including an on-site café, open floorplan, gated parking, and natural daylight for every floor.  

The most impressive part? DBSI’s Strategic Relocation Services handled all the communication and details of the move, so everyone understands the timelines, the why behind the move, how it was going to be executed, and more. This careful preparation allowed the move to happen over one weekend and for the employees to be up and operational in under 90 minutes. While the work on the HQ  was being done, the experts at DBSI+CFM were busy defining the flagship branch of the future on the first floor of the building. This branch embodied their new HQ environment, offering members with a modern environment to complete their banking needs. This branch also came complete with:

Retail Design Elements: An open floor plan, service spots, teller towers, and flex offices.

Branch Hardware and Cash Automation Technology: Teller cash recyclers, core-integration, and RTA.

Digital Signage: Dynamic screens, interactive displays, and a discovery bar.
Bob McKay | CEO Together CU